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In Wales is banned all cigarettes displaying, for all retailers

09 Апреля 2015, 11:58 | В мире

After the adoption of the smoking ban in public places, logo banning bill, plain cigarette packages and ever-increasing prices for cigarettes and tobacco products, it would seem that could be worse. Smokers today are almost everywhere the enemy number one, whether it's in a pub, restaurant, bus stop, the front porch or in the house.

But the Welsh Government in UK, went a step further and banned all cigarettes and tobacco products to be displayed in public places. Such a law was adopted a long time ago, even in 2012, it was applied only to large sale places as: pharmacies, supermarkets, but in bars, restaurants and small retail outlets, this rule did not extend. Starting from April 2015, this law in Wales is distributed everywhere, where you can ould buy cigarettes.

Today, in any place or shop (whether it is a pub or a small shop near your house), in Wales, cigarettes and tobacco products can not be displayed, failure to cover cigarette displays is now a criminal law offense. In addition, all tobacco products shall be entered in a special catalog and it may be shown only to customers over the age of 18.

Cigarettes promotion must be limited to a price list, price labels on shelves and plain posters saying 'cigarettes sold here'.

According to The Tobacco Retailers' Alliance, perhaps, such measures will help fight against smoking among young people, but a third of the turnover of a typical newsagent comes from tobacco sales. This fact the government must also take into account and secondly, before moving to such measures, the government had to curb illegal cigarette import, which have already flooded the country with smuggling cigarettes. While the government is trying to fight against the legal cigarettes sales, illegal market may develop even more.

"A more effective way of preventing youngsters from smoking would be to curb illegal cigarette imports and better enforce laws that ban sales to minors" - Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance said.

Spokesman Suleman Khonat as well the Tobacco Retailers' Alliance is worried not only about that the law will enforce illegal cigarette market, but also that it will severely hit a small business owners. Through this law, The Welsh Government hopes to reduce the level of smokers to 16% by 2020, official data show that in UK, the number of smokers decreased only by 18.7 per cent since 1970, regardless of all measures and laws.


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